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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Sunny Day" review from: IndieShowcase!

From: Shashona, at, www.indieshowcase.com

"The Essentials latest release, "Sunny Day & Other Groovy Mega Super Hits" has arrived and has shaken the world of music clear into the second Tuesday of next week!

Sunny Day & Other Groovy Mega Super Hits is the kind of album you will play over and over. Nancy Katz brings the groove back with tunes such as "There was A time" and "Sunny Day". She rocks us with "Luckiest Girl In The World" "The Peace Song" and "I Need A Lover" done in her own unique retro style.

Art Perry is definitely the rockers rocker. This guy's vocal is second to none. Art can rock you gentle or rock you hard. It doesn't matter which, he does it with ease. He can handle a ballad and have you swooning just as easily as he can rock you old school...

...All in all, The Essentials new release Sunny Day & Other Groovy Mega Super Hits is a listeners dream album.

We love this album! We Love this band! Listen to it today!! Buy it for tomorrow!
That's just how I see it.

Yours in the music
Indie Showcase

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Leslie Lieber. “How To Form a rock Group.” Or: “How lightweight literature can profoundly influence your life.”

Wow. It’s fall of 2009. And what a long, strange trip it’s been. (Really, if you knew the half of it!)

About eight years ago I moved out of a crappy little rented bedroom, in a crappy little house, and a on cold, wet day took on a new life out here in funky little “Sticksboro” in my funky little house. (Along with my cat, Princess, and a vanload of miscellaneous possessions that have somehow have managed to tail me around for thirty or forty years.)

In due time, I got married to the one woman on earth that can tolerate me. (Don’t tell her this, but I love her for this and so much more!) Princess has since passed but was subsequently replaced by a pair of wonderful new feline companions, Gypsy and Snippet. (That's Gypsy in the picture warming up her drums!) I’ve made some great friends, had numerous adventures, and I’ve somehow managed to record five CDs.

Yes, five!

How the heck did that happen?

A strange combination of internal drive and grandiose fantasy I suppose.

Nonetheless, here I sit. We’re about to release number five, “Sunny Day,” and each time I go through this process (The release) I swear that I will never, ever, subject myself to this again! (But I suppose I will, what else would I do? )

Anyhow, thanks to The Beatles and the 1968 literary efforts of, Leslie Lieber, (“How to form a Rock Group.” What a naughty, naughty, book!)


Here I go again!!

Do me a favor, and check out our new tunes. (They’re on the player up above along with tunes from our last CD, “The Marshmallow Theory”.)

I hope you dig ‘em.

(Yes, I said, “dig,” Sorry, it slips out sometimes along with, “groovy.”)

Have a, umm…groovy day!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Venus, "The Shocking Blue," and the sexual misconceptions of a confused ten year old boy.

"Venus!" Released, 1969 by the Dutch band, (Who knew? For God's sake, They could have easily been Canadian!)

"The Shocking Blue!!"

(Very psychedelic title. Who thought of that? What type of drugs were they on? Tylenol? I don't think so. Moldy Tylenol? Maybe, perhaps. Let's share!)

E minor, A major, E minor, A major, rinse and repeat.
"I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, what's your desire!"
Don't knock it, it works!

But what an extremely cool song! Sexy female vocals, obscure lyrics, and that cool slide down the guitar neck that made it all happen. Best of all, it featured the word, “Venus,” which to a pair of ten year old boys sounded alarmingly like, “penis.” Hmmm.

We wondered:

1) What they looked like. (There was no music video, no internet, and ABC news sure as hell wasn’t going to feature them.)

2) Was the girl a brunette or a blond. And…

3) (I’m not making this up!) Did their mother know that they were singing a song about a penis?


Yes, it’s true, we had many serious sleepover conversations which largely revolved around this topic.

It stuck with me. (Both the penis question and the song)

Sometime in the 1980’s I sought out and bought the single for the second time. (You remember those things? "Singles?" Little vinyl platters about the size of a sandwich dish? Two songs, the good one and the one that time will soon forget? )

Through it all, the fundamental question never occurred to me:

Why would a woman, (Forgetting the fact that she was surrounded by musicians, one of whom could produce a pretty cool slide sound with his guitar) call herself a, “ penis?”

Time marched on, I grew up somewhat and learned the following:

1) Women are many things. (Always confusing, always beautiful, and always seemingly willing to purchase the man in their life new clothes) but they are by no means in any way, shape, or form, male genetalia, nor do they desire to be.

2) Popular music lyrics exist on many, many levels. Often, they simply are what you want them to be.

3) My mother was not offended by this song. (Heck, she still doesn’t even know it exist!)

The magic of lyrical confusion somehow infected me. For example, check out our song: “Never Too Late.” I’m not even sure what it’s about, and I was quite sober at the time.

Anyhow, I suppose the band had the following lyrical option available and for reasons know but to God, choose not to use it:

“I’m your male genetalia, I’m the intensity of your pre-adolescent sexual confusion, let’s light a fire!”

Groovy man. Deep intense stuff, but I dunno, I just doesn’t sing as well. (Even with that cool guitar slide!)

Thanks for your time.

Have a most groovy day.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On The Night Shift

I'm staying up late tonight to prepare for my up-coming night shift, catching up on emails, checking news and weather, gig-searching sonic bids, and doing laundry. No rest for the weekend warrior; gotta get it all done so we can rawk the weekend. I'll be getting my quiet time on the night shift, and thinking of that made me think of the song by The Commodores, "On The Night Shift". If you've never heard it, check it out on YouTube. It'll WOW you for sure. That's when a smoke was a smoke and groovin' was groovin' (words of John Mellencamp).

It's true that music brings back memories, and that memories are often memorialized in song, so The Essentials will be making some memories for you this weekend. We're working on new songs for our next CD, and will be sharing some of the new stuff at Mirarchis Williamstown Inn, N.J. on Friday, April 24th, 7:30 P.M., for those who would like a preview. We'll be doing a few Sinatra songs, including one Nancy Sinatra song, and our original rock and other groovy stuff. Maria will have Martini Specials and some give-aways, and we'll be giving away an "Essentials" T-shirt to the person who can answer our trivia question of the night. Hope to see you there. If you can't make it this time, check out our website, "Where To See Us" page, at http://www.essentialsmusic.net/

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